List Of Courses


ü  Business Leadership Skills

ü  Leading from the front -Personal

ü  Leadership Skills

ü  Emotional Intelligence

ü  Executive Coaching

ü  Leadership and Management


Supervisory and Management Development

ü  Advanced Project Management

ü  Budgets and Managing Money

ü  Business Leadership Skills

ü  Coaching and Mentoring:

ü  A Leadership Skill

ü  Delegation: The Art of delegating Effectively

ü  Effective Planning & Scheduling Skills

ü  Human Resources Training: HR for the

ü  Non HR Manager

ü  Intermediate Project Management

ü  Inventory Management Skills

ü  Leadership Skills for Supervisors

ü  Marketing and Sales Management Skills

ü  Meeting and Minute Taking

ü  Motivating Employees:

ü  A leadership skill

ü  Negotiating skills

ü  Project Management Fundamentals

ü  Effective Risk Management Skills

ü  Incident Investigation Data

ü  Oracle Database SQL Fundamentals

ü  Oracle Database Administration


Consulting Solutions

ü  Leading Organisational Change

ü  Organisational Effectiveness

ü  Project Management

ü  Performance Management

ü  Process Re-engineering

ü  People and Strategic Alignment

ü  Skills Audit

ü  Monitoring and Evaluation

ü  Climate and Culture Surveys



ü  Team Building: Developing High

ü  Performance Teams

ü  The Professional Supervisor


Career Development

ü  Advanced Writing Skills

ü  Building Self Esteem and

ü  Assertiveness Skills

ü  Business Etiquette

ü  Business Writing Skills

ü  Communication Strategies

ü  Critical Thinking

ü  Customer Service

ü  Emotional Intelligence Personal Development

ü  Public Speaking

ü  Skills for the Administrative Assistant

ü  The Minute Taker’s Workshop


First Aid Training

ü  Basic First Aid

ü  Intermediate First Aid

ü  Advanced First Aid

Technology Packages


ü  Primavera

ü  Comptia A+ . N+, S+

ü  Chart , Graphs & Dashboards

ü  MS Project Adobe Photoshop Basics

ü  MS Packages ,MS Excel 1 ,MS PowerPoint , MS Outlook

ü  MS Access

ü  Microsoft SharePoint Server

ü  Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2016 Admin

ü  Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2016


Human Resources

ü  Succession planning

ü  Risk Management

ü  Communication Strategies

ü  Corporate Governance

ü  Policy Development and


ü  Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS)

ü  Change Management

ü  Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

ü  Conflict Resolution

ü  Hiring for Success


Human Resources

ü  Performance Management

ü  Problem Solving and Decision Making

ü  Stress Management

ü  Talent and Knowledge Management

ü  Teamwork: Building Better Teams

ü  Accounting Skills for the New Supervisor

ü  Anger Management

ü  Business Succession Planning

ü  Time Management

ü  Writing Reports and Proposals


Train the Trainer

ü  Advanced Training Skills

ü  Developing Your Training Programme

ü  Facilitation Skills

ü  Survival Skills for the New Trainer

ü  Train the Trainer


Sales and Marketing

ü  Relationship Selling

ü  Dynamite Sales Presentation

ü  Prospecting for Leads like a Pro

ü  Telemarketing

ü  Life Skills

ü  HIV/ Aids Awareness

ü  Personal finance management

ü  Debt management


Occupational Health & Safety

ü  Health and Safety Rep

ü  Health & Safety Induction

ü  General Health & Safety

ü  OHAS Act

ü  Risk Assessment

ü  Health & Safety Supervisor

ü  Safety Officer


Employee Management

ü  Initiating a disciplinary hearing

ü  Performance management skills

ü  Interviewing skills

ü  Chairing a disciplinary hearing

ü  Managing poor work performance



ü  Women in Engineering

ü  Bridge Design , Inspection &


ü  Substation Design & Maintenance

ü  Aviation

ü  Mechanical Engineering

ü  Plant & Production Optimism

ü  Construction Project Management

ü  Roads Engineering & Maintenance



ü  Safety

ü  Electrical Motors Theory

ü  Cable Joint Practical

ü  Switch One way Practical

ü  Abbreviations Theory

ü  Earthing Theory

ü  Transformers Theory & Demo

ü  Wiring Diagram book Theory



ü  Safety

ü  Hand Tools

ü  Consumables & Accessories

ü  Steel & Metal Sections/ Welding

ü  Symbols

ü  Gas Metal Arc Process

ü  Identity Components


Pipe Fitting & Turning

ü  Introduction to Materials

ü  Heavy Duty Machines & Tools

ü  Engineering Drawings

ü  Engineering Fabrication

ü  Precision Measurements

ü  Sawing & Filing

ü  Instruments

ü  Five Hole Flange

ü  Pumps

ü  Grinding Theory and practical

ü  Alignment

ü  Machine Cutting Tools / Screws

ü  Book of Milling & Lathe



Boiler Making

ü  Safety

ü  Hand Tools

ü  Engineering Fabrication

ü  Heavy Duty Machines & Tools

ü  Engineering Drawings

ü  Introduction to Materials

ü  Keyway


Tax and Legal

ü  Companies Act Amendments Bill

ü  Consumer Protection Act

ü  Income Tax Amendments

ü  Protection of Personal Information Bill

ü  Intellectual Property Rights

ü  Public Funded Research & Development Act


Insurance Programs

ü  Managed Care &Health Insurance

ü  Public Finance & Public Policy

ü  Micro-economics Theory

ü  Financial Planning

ü  Corporate Governance & Ethics

ü  Directors Development

ü  Liability

ü  Directors & Officers Liability

ü  Wellness Programs

ü  Compliance